TFQ1300 Laminating and Slitting Machine

This laminating machine features a horizontal split structure. It possesses a large operating space and can offer an extremely fast and convenient production solution. The laminating and slitting procedures are conducted synchronously with a precision of up to ±0.1mm, which can ensure the product quality and production diversity.

  • Laminating slitting machine

  • Horizontal type

With a horizontal structure, the laminating slitting machine has a large operation area, leading to fast and efficient production.

  • Side face

  • The unreeling and rewinding is controlled by a tension system.

  • Ultrasonic alignment system

  • Photoelectric sensor

A high degree of sensitivity of ± 0.5mm has been designed with this alignment system. Its performance will not be influenced by material property.

    Synchronous laminating and slitting
    The laminating slitting machine overcomes the problem of material surface scratch and shortens the time of second-time laminating, ensuring the product quality while simultaneously increasing the efficiency.

  • Single-arm support

  • Dual-direction roller

Designed with positive and negative rotation functions, the roller realizes faster and more convenient cutting and winding of various materials.

    Professional cutting blade
    This cutting blade is able to cut such materials as 0.5mm thick hard plates, 5mm thick soft materials and materials that are thinner than 0.05mm.

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