Products at a Glance

Fengri’s product lineup includes a fantastic selection of multi-purpose production machinery. This equipment can be assembled as per customer requirements and we will carry out a trial run to guarantee quality control.

Our die cutting machine features very useful functions and delivers an exceptionally stable performance. It can easily switch between multiple working modes and is primarily used to die-cut electronic goods.

This laminating machine features a horizontal split structure. It possesses a large operating space and can offer an extremely fast and convenient production solution.

The Gap cutting machine operates with a specially shaped, low-width and double-sided adhesive tape. It is commonly used in display industries.

This cutting equipment allows for a fast switch between sheets and coils. It is equipped with a gas cylinder to perform a high-precision, sheet-to-sheet cutting procedure.

The asynchronization gap die cutting machine is designed for the high-end market. It can carry out a multi-step die cutting procedure and also allows materials to be pulled accurately.

The host of the machine is whole casting by CNC. It offers multiple functions, such as laminating and waste discharging.

Demonstrated here is our sheet-to-sheet cutting machine. Based on customer requests, it can be outfitted with a coil cutting function.

The CQ1300 cutting machine is primarily used to work with punch presses and printing equipment. It is ideally suited for cutting thick materials; and the unwinding and sheet cutting procedures are conducted both automatically and synchronously.

Our rotary die cutting machine features several production-related functions. It is outfitted with a display screen and can achieve synchronous operation of the machine.

The MQ320AII High Speed Labe die cutting machine is ideal for self-adhesive labels. It operates at a maximum speed of up to 300 times per minute. The main gearbox is designed to be enclosed, which allows for an excellent durability as well as long-lasting, stable performance at high speeds.

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