MQ320H Asynchronization gap die cutting machine

The asynchronization gap die cutting machine is designed for the high-end market. It can carry out a multi-step die cutting procedure and also allows materials to be pulled accurately. An integrated blanking function is available.

    MQ320H-K asynchronous die cutting machine
    The asynchronous die cutting machine manufactured by our company is known for a high-strength cast steel body. For H type die cutter, it’s a widely used product, with a 40mm-thick machine wall and remarkable strength. As for K type die cutting equipment, it's a common cutting machine, with a 20mm- thick wall and easy to transport.

  • Feed material

  • Oil tubes

  • Automatic-cycle oil system

  • Pressure control

  • Touchscreen operation panel

  • Touchscreen operation panel

  • QDC (Quick Die Change)

Integrating hardware die, etch die and engrave mold, the specially-designed and high-precision die achieves swift fastening or dismounting simultaneously, with a price over 5 times higher than regular dies. It is extremely suitable for equipment that shows a high degree of complexity, precision and production.

  • The position of blade holder is adjustable.

  • Laminating

As being an ideal combination of die cutting and laminating, the asynchronous laminating system offers high precision and easy operation.

    Positioning system
    The positioning system is equipped with a lifting device which lifts the roller up and decreases the intension, leading to accurate position.

    High-precision material feeding
    Equipped with a high-precision feeding device, the newly-developed machine provides precise die cutting and avoids slipping while working at a high speed, eliminating the alignment problem.

    Discharging system
    This die cutting machine is suitable for the asynchronous cutting of double-sided tapes, kiss cutting of FPC tapes and high-precision die cutting of other materials.

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