MQ-S-320 High-Speed Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Our die cutting machine features very useful functions and delivers an exceptionally stable performance. It can easily switch between multiple working modes and is primarily used to die-cut electronic goods. It can precisely cut sheets without being affected by edge trim and its notable advantages include a fast speed, low noise, and small winding diameter as well as other advantageous features.

    The MQ-S-320 high-speed fully automatic die cutting machine can be installed with a photoelectric sensor and boring device upon request.

    A high-strength cast steel body ensures machine stability.

    Servo motor
    The high-torque servo motor replaces conventional drive devices, featuring low noise, high speed, synchronous performance and more.

    Multi-functional operation panel
    User-oriented, the operation panel provides flexible switch between different working modes, convenient and easy to use.

    High-torque magnetic particle clutch
    The tension control system ensures small winding diameter and reduces waste material blockage.

    Manual pressure micro-adjustment
    Specially designed, this adjusting device offers precise rectifying to the entire machine. Plus, a tool box is equipped.

    Four-rod structure
    The die cutting device shows excellent stability and long service life.

    Photoelectric sensor
    Installed in front of the blade, the photoelectric sensor will give an alarm when detecting hands, providing great guarantee to human security.

    Etch mold
    In comparison to commonly-used laser mold, the etch mold is a kind of high-end device with higher accuracy and 50% higher cost.

  • Laminating device

  • Sharp blade

The die cutting machine is well suited for processing label tapes, double-sided tapes, protective films and more. It precisely cuts sheets without being affected by edge trim and can also cuts hard nonmetal materials with a thickness of less than 0.2mm.

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