MQ-R-10 Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Our rotary die cutting machine features several production-related functions. It is outfitted with a display screen and can achieve synchronous operation of the machine. The unwinding and rewinding rollers are driven by stand-alone servo systems. They operate with an independent cutter adjuster as well as a high-precision automatic positioning system. Not only that, but we have also designed this equipment with a baffle for safe and efficient production.

    FR10-250 rotary die cutting machine
    The rotary die cutting machine offers multiple functions, including die cutting, laminating, slitting, waste material discharging, winding, slicing, etc.

  • Multifunctional panel

  • Independent dual-screen operation

The operation panel consists of two parts, touchscreen and operation section, providing different function options and synchronous machine operation.

  • Internal servo motor system

  • External servo motor system

Rexroth motors are used for driving the cutting workstation and help every workstation to realize independent start-up, shutdown, positive and negative rotation, synchronous operation and micro adjustment.

  • Servo motor for unreeling and winding

  • Reasonable wire arrangement

  • Reasonable wire arrangement

Every set of motor is linked with a corresponding workstation, with reasonable and secure wire arrangement.

  • Imported automatic alignment system

  • CCD system

  • CCD system

The CCD system assures automatic and accurate process and is able to decrease the error by 0.05mm, with a high speed of 45 meters/ minute. The system can be mounted in any place but usually in the rear of machine, to get higher precision.

    Independent blade adjustment
    The position of every blade can be manually adjusted.

  • Protective plate

  • Finished products winding

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