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Production machinery is at the very foundation of the manufacturing industry, which in turn is the lifeblood of the global economy. Your production machinery must be advanced, efficient and cost-effective for your business to compete and supply the huge demand required to be successful on today’s marketplace, and Fengri machinery fits these criteria perfectly. We opened for business in 1986, and since then we have become a highly accomplished, skilled manufacturer of rotary cutting machines, die cutting machines, laminating machines and a comprehensive line of other production related equipment.

We have established two subsidiaries, Richuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhongxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., both of which are located in Suzhou City. At Fengri, we employ a fully integrated business model with all departments working closely with each other for a totally synergistic production system and first-class service. Among them, our research and development department -responsible for the development of new products and the improvement of existing products- works hand in hand with the quality control department to provide quality solutions in relation to techniques, product quality, and manufacturing technology. Our manufacturing complex spans nearly 1,500m2. It houses 48 pieces of advanced processing equipment. Each month, production capacity reaches up to 200 die cutting machines of many varieties.

Our assembly workshop occupies an area of 2,000m2. At Fengri, quality is a top priority! With that in mind, we extensively test and measure our products to assure users that every piece of our equipment works safely and with great precision. Due to our dedication to product efficiency and quality, our products have found a wide application both in domestic and overseas markets. A growing number of customers have come to us because they trust and highly appreciate our high-performance die cutters.

    Exterior view

Ruian Fengri Machinery Co., Ltd started business in 1986 and developed from a small workshop into a reliable company having two subsidiaries, Richuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd and Zhongxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Today, we specialize in the development and marketing of versatile die cutting machines and kiss cutting machines.

    Office building

Our company hires more than 300 employees, 30% of which are professional technicians. With their commitment and assistance, we are able to produce high-quality rotary die cutting machine, die cutting machine, slitting machine, laminating machine and sheet cutting machine.

  • Office area

  • Sales and customer service team

The integrated office houses sales team and customer service team which provide prompt communication and outstanding service.

  • R&D department

  • 3D Machine model

The R&D department is responsible for the development and upgrading of machines, process formulation and standard manufacture design, like technical parameters, quality requirement, technological problem solution, etc.

    Technical discussion

Every Saturday, we hold a meeting to discuss about technical problems occurred during the research and development of new products as well as to analyze machine problems raised by clients. At the end, we will gather all opinions and reach final and effective solutions.

    Client visit

Our company offers a complete product catalog, including asynchronous die cutting machine, kiss cutting machine, laminating machine, slitting machine, etc. To date, the cutting machines manufactured by our company have been exported as far-reaching as the U.S., Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, etc. In addition, we also established long-term cooperation with famous companies, like Foxconn, ASUS, MRLED and so forth.


Two factories are built up in Zhejiang and Jiangsu province close to Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port, enjoying convenient and speedy transportation.

    Management system study

Management staff and seasoned workers organize regular discussion and study about monthly production plan and task achievement, and establish relative rules and regulations to increase the manufacture efficiency.

    Machining workshop

The machining workshop spans nearly 1,500 square meters and houses 40 pieces of advanced processing equipment, such as large gantry machining center from Taiwan and vertical type processing machines.

  • CNC machines

  • The worker is operating the CNC machine.

  • CNC milling machine

  • Workpiece milling

  • Assemble workshop

  • Machine assembly

With an area of 2,000 square meters, the assembly workshop achieves a monthly production of 200 sets of machines, including die cutting machines, slitting machines, sheet cutting machines and laminating machines.

  • Component inspection

  • Machine adjustment

  • Flatness measure and installation of rubber roller

  • Flatness tolerance measure

When it comes to the installation of rubber roller, a best possible flatness degree must be achieved to ensure high product quality. It also means the flatness tolerance must be as small as possible. During the installation, the roller surface must be clean without dirt or impurities, to ensure accurate operation.

  • Die height adjustment

  • Precision adjustment

  • Semi-finished products

  • Finished products

    Asynchronous die cutting machines

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