DTH320 Multilayer Laminating Machine

The host of the machine is whole casting by CNC. It offers multiple functions, such as laminating and waste discharging. This equipment can be used in combination with other equipment, which allows for a significant increase in production efficiency.

    DTH320 laminating machine
    The multilayer laminating machine has a machine body that is formed by CNC machine in one time, which provides strong guarantee for zero error of the roller parallelism, high laminating accuracy and stability.

    Material feeding
    The standard multilayer laminating machine offers three-layer lamination. If demanded, 1-5 layer laminating design is available.

    Operation panel
    With an easy-to-operation knob design, the panel effectively simplifies the operation work and improves efficiency.

  • Drive system

  • High-torque motor

  • Magnetic particle clutch

  • One-time formed machine wall

  • Photoelectric device

By using the photoelectric device, the laminating machine can be connected with other machines and work together. For specific working conditions, a device that activates power-on mode when material is sufficient and power-off with material leakage can also be equipped.

    In addition to standard functions, the laminating machine can be manufactured with kiss cutting and full cutting devices for synchronous laminating, local laminating, kiss cutting and laminating, double-sided laminating and more.

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