CQT700 Gap Cutting Machine

The Gap cutting machine operates with a specially shaped, low-width and double-sided adhesive tape. It is commonly used in display industries. The die cutter features an asynchronous operation which helps to conserve production materials and completes the cutting process in a single pass. This results in a significantly reduced cost, simplified procedure, and high production efficiency.

    CQT700 kiss cutting machine
    This type of kiss cutting machine is improved and upgraded based on function and property of CQC 650 sheeting cutting machine.

  • Germany imported motor

  • Imported electrical components

    Pressure micro-adjustment device
    In order to reach different process requirement, the pressure of each cutting machine must be micro-adjusted and thus controls the cutting precision. Normally, 700mm-wide machine is equipped with 4 adjustors while 500mm-wide machine with 3adjustors.

  • Two pairs of synchronous rubber roller

  • Material winding

In this kiss cutting machine, two pairs of rubber rollers work synchronously, avoiding manufacture error resulted from over large or small tension and thus ensuring high precision.

    Both unreeling roller and winding roller adopt are outfitted with an airshaft, which has stable pressure and can rotate for adjustment. It makes the material feeding and winding work no longer difficult.

  • Wide gap

  • Discharging

The kiss cutting machine produces tapes with an effective area of L700×W50mm. Typical feed materials for the cutting machine include foam tapes, VHB adhesive tapes and other types of tapes.

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