CQC650 Sheet-to-Sheet Cutting Machine

Demonstrated here is our sheet-to-sheet cutting machine. Based on customer requests, it can be outfitted with a coil cutting function. Typical applications include the cutting of 0.3mm thick hard materials and 10mm thick soft materials.

    CQ650 sheet to sheet cutting machine
    Intended for sheet processing, the sheet to sheet cutting machine can freely changes the cutting direction between X and Y axis. If customer has special requirement, a roll cutting function can also be outfitted.

  • Material feeding

  • Cylinder

The lever type cylinder is superior to regular cylinders for it requires no air consumption and provides higher stability.

    Intermittent oil supply
    Outside installed, the oil system is easy and convenient to maintain and inspect.

  • High-precision pressure adjustment

  • Long-stroke cutting

  • Discharging

By using a long-stroke cutting device, the sheet to sheet cutting machine is capable to handle with thick objects, like foam, sponge, EPDM sheet, silicon rubber, non-woven fabrics, double-sided tapes (Hard tape: 0.3mm, soft tape: 10mm).

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