CQ500 Cutting Machine

This cutting equipment allows for a fast switch between sheets and coils. It is equipped with a gas cylinder to perform a high-precision, sheet-to-sheet cutting procedure. Additionally, it may be equipped with color marking functions based on client processing requirements.

    CQ500 cutting machine
    This type of high-precision cutting machine can be with connected with other equipment and work together. For manufacture demands, it can be added with coloring function. Not only that, the cutting machine also offers flexible switch between plate and roll processing mode.

  • Operation panel

  • Precise pressure adjustment

  • Cylinder

  • Professional blade

18.5mm long, the imported blade has a long lifespan and is applicable for a variety of materials, like foam, sponge, EPDM sheets, silicon rubber, non-woven fabrics, double-sided tapes, etc.

    Sloping plate
    Finished products will freely slide down the sloping plate and be collected, cutting manpower cost and increasing security.

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