CQ1300 Cutting Machine

The CQ1300 cutting machine is primarily used to work with punch presses and printing equipment. It is ideally suited for cutting thick materials; and the unwinding and sheet cutting procedures are conducted both automatically and synchronously.

  • CQ1300 cutting machine

  • High-precision servo drive system

Instead of a traditional stepper motor, the CQ1300 cutting machine makes use of an efficient servo motor with photoelectric sensor control for material feeding.

    Material unreeling
    The cutting machine is most often used with punching machine or printing equipment for slitting and cutting products like label paper, double-sided tapes and protective films. The regular materials are less than 1.3mm thick. However, for hard plates, the thickness should be 0.5mm. For soft sheets, the thickness can be 5mm.

    Operation panel
    User-friendly, the multifunctional panel enables operator to freely control the machine, convenient and time saving.

    Photoelectric sensor
    Two photoelectric sensors are designed for separately controlling start-up and shutdown.

    Automatic unreeling
    The automatic unreeling device realizes synchronous cutting, with ultra-high efficiency and accuracy.

    The cutting blade has a high torque and is able to cut thick materials.

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